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Our Staff

Cinnamon Blair's profile picture

Cinnamon Blair

Chief Marketing and Communications Officer

Office phone: (505) 277-1806
Mobile phone: (505) 259-7114

Department Staff

Dan Jiron's profile picture

Dan Jiron

Univ Media Relations Officer

Office phone: (505) 277.5920
Mobile phone: (505) 221.9754

Naima Yael Tokunow's profile picture

Naima Yael Tokunow

Unit Administrator 1

Office phone: 505-277-2308


Steve Carr's profile picture

Steve Carr

Supervisor, Communications

Office phone: (505) 277-1821
Mobile phone: (505) 702-7720

Elizabeth Dwyer Sandlin's profile picture

Elizabeth Dwyer Sandlin

Public Relations Specialist

Office phone: 505.277.5754

Rachel Whitt's profile picture

Rachel Whitt

University Communication Representative

Office phone: (505) 277-5627
Mobile phone: 505-417-6532

Katie Williams's profile picture

Katie Williams

University Communication Representative

Office phone: (505) 277-1889
Mobile phone: (505) 379-6824


Argy Maniatis's profile picture

Argy Maniatis

Director of University Marketing

Office phone: (505) 277-1593

Hyunju Blemel's profile picture

Hyunju Blemel

Student Marketing Assistant

Office phone: 505.277.581

Connor Carpenter's profile picture

Connor Carpenter

Student Marketing Assistant

Office phone: 505.277.5813

Josh Lane's profile picture

Josh Lane

Josh Lane

Office phone: 505.277.2199

James Lawrence's profile picture

James Lawrence

TV Producer/Director

Office phone: 505.277.2219

Ethan Rule's profile picture

Ethan Rule

Sr. University Marketing Representative

Office phone: (505) 277-2322

Jon Sanchez's profile picture

Jon Sanchez

University Marketing Representative

Office phone: (505) 277-1176

Debra West's profile picture

Debra West

University Marketing Representative

Office phone: 505.277.4958
Mobile phone: 505.239.3811

Web Communications

Matt Carter's profile picture

Matt Carter

Manager of University Web Communications

Office phone: (505) 277-3003

Jordan Scott's profile picture

Jordan Scott

Social Media Manager

Office phone: (505) 277-4932

John Sumrow's profile picture

John Sumrow

Web Designer

Office phone: (505) 277-4932

Related Staff

Seairra Sheppard's profile picture

Seairra Sheppard

Student, Communication Intern

Office phone: 505.277.5813

Josh Valenzuela's profile picture

Josh Valenzuela

Student Employee

Office phone: 505.277.5813

UNM Newsroom
University Communication & Marketing

MSC06 3745, Box 26
1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM87131

Physical Location:
UAEC Building 85
Suite 160

Phone: (505) 277-5813