Film Guidelines

University of New Mexico campus location

These guidelines have been developed in order to simplify obtaining permits to conduct all commercial filming activities at the University of New Mexico. The term “filming” is used in these guidelines to include Motion Pictures, Filming, Videotape, Still Photography and Digital Imaging. The term “Producer” refers to those from the agency requesting to film on campus that have the authority to enter into a contractual agreement with the University of New Mexico.

The University Conference and Events Office (UCEO) in coordination with University Communication and Marketing (UCAM) is responsible for coordinating all aspects of filming on the central campus. Filming is not permitted on weekdays or weeknights during the academic session. In consultation with UCEO, the HSC Director of Public Affairs will help coordinate all aspects of filming at the UNM Health Sciences Center and UNM Hospital. The Assistant Athletics Director in charge of facilities will help coordinate all aspects of filming at University Stadium, University Arena and other UNM playing fields and practice facilities.

Please contact the University Event Coordinator with UCEO at (505)277-5706 to coordinate your film or photo shoot. UCEO screens and processes all requests to film on campus and coordinates with all campus units. News photography does not require a permit but should be coordinated through University Communication and Marketing (UCAM), HSC Public Affairs or the UNM Sports Information Director.

The University will accept, subject to review by University Council, a standard location contract outlining the details of the film shoot and the respective responsibilities of parties involved.

Permit Requirements

Filming on the University of New Mexico campus is permitted only if it does not interfere with the education/research mission, normal University business and/or previously scheduled events. A UNM Photography, Motion Picture, Video and

Television Permit and a signed contract will be required to film on campus. The Permit can be approved only when all of the following requirements have been met:

  1. Specific dates and locations have been confirmed with and approved by UCEO and relevant departments and building managers.
  2. The script or storyboard has been approved by the University’s marketing director at University Communication and Marketing.
  3. University personnel, as required, are available.
  4. UNM Parking Services has approved a parking plan for both production vehicles and private cars in use by production personnel.
  5. A Certificate of Insurance and Workmen’s Compensation has been received by UCEO not less than 7 business days prior to filming.
  6. Full payment of all fees and other estimated charges have been received by UCEO not less than 3 business days prior to filming.
  7. All security and damage deposits, if required, are received by UCEO not less than 3 business days prior to filming.
  8. The completed Application for the UNM Photography, Motion Picture, Video and Television Permit has been returned to and approved by UCEO.
  9. Contracts have been negotiated with and signed by UCEO, UNM Director of Purchasing, and other appropriate individuals as required.

Dates and Locations

In order to preserve the academic mission of the University of New Mexico, filming on the central campus is not allowed on weekdays or weeknights during the academic sessions. At the discretion of the University, minimal filming may be allowed on weekends or University holidays during academic sessions. Filming at Hodgin Hall is not permitted. Filming at UNM Athletic facilities is at the discretion of the Athletic Department. Filming at and Health Science Center is at the discretion of the Vice President for Health Sciences.

For use of interior locations, UCEO must secure approval from the administrative officer(s) of the department occupying the space requested. Academic and administrative divisions have the right to refuse any request for filming if they determine that filming in their area constitutes undue disruption.

Any set construction or alteration of buildings must be submitted in advance and in writing to UCEO for approval. Any set decoration must be clearly specified in writing and all areas occupied in connection with the filming must be returned to their normal, original condition.

A detailed shooting schedule is required, indicating all areas to be impacted by the shoot (“in frame” and behind the camera). Once the location is approved, the Producer must follow the schedule as submitted. Changes to this schedule must be submitted, in writing, for approval by UCEO.

If auxiliary power sources are required while filming at the University, the Producer is responsible for obtaining silenced generators and suspending or covering all cables at their own expense.

Agreements to record or film on property owned by university-affiliated groups, including most fraternities and sororities, must be negotiated directly with the property owners. In these instances, the UNM name may not be used without express written consent. Filming of art in public places on the university campus will also require individual authorization from the artist who created the work.

Note: No commercial filming is allowed within any University Library.


Visits must be arranged by the UCEO who will recommend and secure access to facilities, estimate the amount of time needed to view the locations, and accompany location scouts while they are on campus.

Note: Permission for site surveys, by location and technical scouts does not constitute commitment by UNM for the use of its facilities as a location.

Script Review

A copy of the final script or storyboard must be submitted to the University’s marketing director at UCAM for review. The review process may take up to 5 working days and therefore should be submitted as early as possible before the shoot date. Any changes or revisions in the script following submission must be brought to the attention of the University’s marketing director. Substantive changes in the script may cause the University to withdraw permission for use of its location.

A permit CANNOT be issued if no script or storyboard is available or if the request is for STOCK FOOTAGE.

Identification of the University

Any use of the NAMES, MARKS, LOGOS, or TRADEMARKS of the University of New Mexico, the Campus or any abbreviations thereof is governed by Regents Policy and New Mexico and Federal law. Exploitation of the UNM name is prohibited. This includes any implied endorsement by UNM and appearance or mention of the name "The University of New Mexico" unless given express permission.

For productions that do not involve University events and activities, every effort should be made to maintain the anonymity of the University, including promotion and credits. The University, however, may require that it be identified if it feels this would be in its interest.

The University of New Mexico may not be identified without expressed written permission. Identification is constituted by the inclusion of exterior shots of buildings; any shot showing the UNM name, logo, or identifiable symbols associated with the University, such as the “Lobos”; any lobo statue; or any building or campus identification graphics, including signs or maps.

All filming of sports-related events on campus must comply with NCAA rules and regulations. The UNM Athletic Department can provide further details upon request.

Student Considerations

The opportunity to interact with actors, directors and other film professionals would be a unique educational experience for students. The University encourages to the Producer to work with the faculty to schedule guest speaker options during the filming project as well as to employ students in any production-related jobs in order to provide practical experience.

University Personnel

If the University or a specific venue requires its personnel to be present as a condition of use, personnel must be scheduled in advance. Personnel include but are not limited to a location manager, fire safety officer, Physical Plant and Grounds staff, University Police and Traffic Control.

Public Safety

Police/Security Personnel

The UNM Fire Marshal and UNM police will determine the need for uniformed UNM officers during filming. Private event security, approved by UNM Police, may be used to augment the UNM Police presence if deemed necessary. All out of pocket expenses to the University regarding security, fire safety personnel, building and grounds personnel and other additional staffing requirements are additional to the location fees.

No gunfire or blank fire, bull horns, sirens or public address systems shall be used in violation of the Albuquerque Noise Ordinance. Such requests shall be reviewed by the police and fire departments.

Helicopter landings, or filming from the air will not be permitted without explicit written permission from the City Manager or their designee. A safety meeting is required with UCEO, the film company pilot and a flight safety expert from the Albuquerque Police Heliport. UCEO will not approve any air filming without a safety walk through in advance of the air filming.

Fire Safety

The UNM Fire Marshal must clear all aspects of the filming in accordance with the New Mexico Fire Code. Note: Generators must be grounded to earth prior to hookup.

In certain circumstances, the presence of a university fire inspector may be required during production. Fees for these services are charged to the production company.


All parking on campus is by permit only. Arrangements for cast, crew and production vehicles must be made a minimum of 7 working days prior to the days filming. Parking charges are based on the location and numbers of parking spaces occupied by the company, staffing and labor and are determined by the current rate schedule. Parking for trucks and trailers is extremely limited on campus. Transportation captains of large companies should visit the campus at least 7 working days prior to the days of filming in order to finalize special arrangements.

Parking in “disabled” spaces is strictly prohibited. Under no circumstances will fire, safety zones/lanes, or handicapped parking spaces be compromised or will pedestrian walkways be used for vehicular traffic. Parking in reserved parking spots is prohibited.

All parking lots must be returned to their original state at the completion of production.

University events will have preference in the case of potential scheduling conflicts.


The University must receive a Certificate of Insurance/Workmen’s Compensation and an Additionally Insured Endorsement, name the Regents of the University of New Mexico as additionally insured, in the amount of US $1 million, for the days of filming, load-in and strike. The University must receive this Certificate at least 7 business days prior to filming or load-in and it must be approved by UNM Risk management.


The UCEO, in consultation with the Purchasing Director and all applicable University units, will determine the total cost for filming at UNM. Costs will include permit fees, location rentals, staffing and University-supplied equipment or materials. Checks must be made out to The University of New Mexico and be received no later than 3 business days prior to the commencement of filming. If a company check is not available, a cashier’s or certified check will be required.


As a state institution, the University of New Mexico supports the efforts of the State of New Mexico and Albuquerque Film Offices to attract the industry to this area. However, in recognition of the University’s primary mission and its willingness to cooperate in these commercial ventures, the University reserves the right to negotiate location fees. Standard fees based on a full-day/half-day rate system are as follows:

Full Day (12 hours) $3000 or higher
Half Day (6 Hours) $1500 or higher
Set Dressing/Strike Days $1000

Full-day productions that overrun their contracted time will be charged an additional $400/hr. Half-day productions that overrun their contracted time or occur outside of the designated hours will be charged at the full-day rate.

In addition, the University requires a$150/hr. on-site University personnel fee, which will cover the cost of the UNM location manager to be present during all set, strike and filming.

The time covered by the agreement begins when the first production staff person arrives on campus on the day(s) of the shoot, until the last production staff person leaves.

In addition to location fees, some facilities including but not limited to the University Stadium, University Arena, Popejoy Theater, Rodey Theater and the Student Union Building require a facility rental fee. Additional surcharges may be required by certain departments, such as Athletics, for use of their facilities and will be determined in negotiation with the department.

Rescheduling due to inclement weather may require additional fees.

The Producer shall reimburse UNM for costs incurred as the result of any services rendered by UNM at the request of the Producer. Furthermore, the Producer shall, within 15 days from the receipt of an invoice from UNM, reimburse UNM for the costs of making any repairs resulting from damage occurring while the property is in use.


The Producer is responsible for any labor or direct University costs accrued at the time of cancellation and is responsible for all venue rentals incurred or lost due to the Production schedule. A fee equal to 50% of the permit fee will be charged if the filming is cancelled within 48 hours of the scheduled filming date. A 25% fee will be charged if cancellation occurs three to seven days before filming.

Application for the UNM photography, motion picture, video and television permit.